What we do

We look at the whole body, not just a set of symptoms. Because problems in the body’s musculo-skeletal framework (structure) can disturb the body’s functional system (just like a bike with a buckled wheel), maintenance of good mechanics is essential for good health. 
Through a comprehensive history and exam, we treat the primary cause of the problem, rather than focusing on the symptoms. This is a fundamental difference in our approach and success with patients.

We keep it simply and treat you as an individual, because that is what you are..





We are Acc registered

We treat just about everything in the body, from the common ankle sprain, chronic back pain, headaches, tingling in the hands to balance problems, whiplash and arthrits.

We are ACC registered 

We treaT......

postural issues

Chronic problems

We can diagnose most health related issues.

We use techniques of conventional medicine as well as the traditional osteopathic ones, including manipulation (cracking) when needed.

We can refer for X-rays, bloods, ultrasound and to orthopedic specialists without the need for a GP.