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osteopathy can help you!

Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine which focuses on the whole body, not just a set of symptoms. Because problems in the body’s musculo-skeletal framework (structure) and neurological system (brain and nerves) can disturb the body’s functional system, maintenance of good mechanics and neural connections is essential for optimal health. 

We use a number of different approaches to treatment, including NIS (Neurological Integration System). Its governing principle is that the brain governs function of all body systems through the nerve pathways. Any disruption to these pathways can cause sub-optimal functioning and be a cause for symptoms and disease, NIS is safe and gentle. To find out more visit

We examine, diagnose and treat you with our hands and can us low force gentle safe techniques. When needed, we can refer directly for bloods, X-rays and specialists. We are ACC registered so no need to see a GP if you have had an accident or injury.

We keep it simple, correct the primary problem/pathway to improve the function of the body and you are happier and healthier. This is a fundamental difference in our approach and success with patients.

So, if you are the type of person who understands that dealing with a symptom is only a quick fix and would rather address the underlying cause of a problem, then please contact us. Your Health is ultimately your responsibility, you have only one body and it’s worth investing in it.

We treat almost anything including

  • occupational/overuse injuries - tendonitis

  • chronic conditions

  • immunity

  • postural problems

  • headaches and migraine

  • whiplash, sciatica

  • back and neck pain

  • muscular aches

  • pregnancy problems

  • joint problems - arthritis

  • allergies

  • reflux, gastric and digestive issues

  • sports injuries

  • everyday maintenance

  • depression

  • sleeping issues

  • breathing problems


treating Queenstown locals for over 20 years......quality treatment and experience

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Our pricing is a reflection of the time we spend with you, and/or if you are partly subsidized by ACC. Most appointments are 30 minutes, unless your case is complicated and you need more time. NIS appointments usually start with an hour and follow ups can vary, depending on the problem.

One hour appointments

$150 private (follow up NIS $120)

$90 with ACC

30 minute appointments

$90 Initial Private - follow up $80

$60 Initial ACC - follow up $50

Children/retired/beneficiaries $10 less. Non residents $10 more. We also offer a locals card if you live in the area long term

the team

Queenstown Osteopathy is a fantastic working partnership between Samantha Wright & Katrina O'Neill.

sam wright

sam wright

Sam graduated in 2001 from the RMIT University osteopathy programme in Melbourne and has been practising ever since. She has worked as a lecturer and clinical tutor at the School of Osteopathy at Unitec, Auckland and an examiner at both Unitec and RMIT. Before studying osteopathy she obtained an honours degree (majoring in physiology) from Monash University. Having just completed her masters in Neurological Integrated System, she is eager to treat almost anything. Her focus, to help people achieve optimal health, especially those dealing with life changing issues or facing therapies or surgeries which can put a strain on the body.

She has been working in Queenstown for over 12 years and finds the people "incredibly proactive in maintaining good health". A keen mountain biker, climber, adventure racer and BC skier, she knows all about the excitement of wanting to get out there and the risk of injuries and eagerness. She lives her philosophy "keep moving" and will do her best to keep her patients enjoying life.

Sam has a particular interest in cancer, sleep issues, chronic illness, vertigo, immunity, shoulders and hips, arthritic necks, long term postural problems and getting the body functioning optimally. Sam is a problem solver, straight up and loves a challenge, both professionally and personally.

katrina O'neill

Katrina graduated in 1991 from the College of Osteopaths in London. She practised in the United Kingdom for nine years before moving to Queenstown in January 2000.

She particularly enjoys working with old, chronic injuries (and resolving them of course!). She likes to motivate patients to do more self-help exercise so they only need to see her occasionally for maintenance.


some questions!

What can I expect during the consult?

We like to be thorough. Your initial consultation will involve a full case history, examination and usually a treatment. In some instances we will conclude with advice, lifestyle recommendations and a management plan.

We allocate 30 minute slots for your consultation and if your case is complicated, you can request a longer session, but you will be charged for this. Follow-up treatments are 30 minutes. NIS treatments are more involved and we normally allow 60 minute appointments.

We offer a quality service and our approach to you and you health problem means that we often do not need to see you more than once a week. In some cases, especially "acute" conditions, we may request you come back in 72 hours. For long term and maintenance treatments, we may see patients anywhere from once a month to once a year, but this is dependent on the individual.

Is osteopathy covered by ACC?

We have a great scheme in New Zealand, whereby your treatment will be partly subsidised by ACC if you have an accident or injury in New Zealand. The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand, but only if you have had an accident or injury or are on a current related ACC claim. Claims are only valid for a nominated time (usually one year) and/or number of treatments, so do check with us or ACC.

We are ACC providers, which means that if you hurt yourself as a result of an accident or injury, you can come directly to Queenstown Osteoapthy for treatment and we will fill in the paperwork with you. To find out more go to

Do I need a GP referral?

We are trained as primary health care providers. That means there is no need to see a medical doctor before you come to see us.

We can initiate an ACC claim directly. If you require referral (for an MRI, Ultrasound, x-ray and blood tests) or specialist treatment, we can arrange this.

Am I covered by health/travel Insurance?

We are unable to answer this, as each Insurer is different. While some medical insurers cover the cost of osteopathic treatment, you will need to check with your insurer first. You will need to pay the full rate at the time of treatment and get reimbursed from them. We do not bill the insurer direct, but rather you. It gets very complicated following up with International Insurance Companies.

Will I need to disrobe?

We suggest you wear appropriate undergarments and loose fitting clothing. There may be times during an examination, especially in the first consultation, when we can see your posture better if you have only your underwear on.  If you are at all uncomfortable with this, please let us know - it may not be necessary. NIS does not require dis-robing and all diagnosis is done through muscle testing. Patient privacy and comfort are paramount.

Are you a regulated body?

We all need protection, even patients. The Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ) was established by the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (2003). This is a regulatory body whose purposes is to protect the health and safety of the general public. As a result, all registered osteopaths in New Zealand are deemed competent and fit to practice osteopathy. They must hold a current practice certificate to lawfully practice osteopathy, and these are renewed annually.