How osteopathy works

We look at the whole body, not just a set of symptoms. Because problems in the body’s musculo-skeletal framework (structure) can disturb the body’s functional system (just like a bike with a buckled wheel), maintenance of good mechanics is essential for good health. 

 Consider, a patient who seeks treatment for lower back pain. She may be unaware that the tightness in her upper back, caused by poor posture at work, has led to her lower back overcompensating and becoming a site of pain. She may have had her back treated, but with unsatisfatory results.  Through a comprehensice history and exam, we treat the primary cause of the problem, rather than focusing on the symptoms. This is a fundamental difference in our approach and success with patients.

We keep it simply, correct the structural problem to improve the function of the body (fix the wheel and it rides better).


First time...What to expect

We like to be thorough. Your initial consultation will involve a full case history, examination and usually a treament. In some instances we will conclude with advice, exercise prescription and a management plan.

We allocate 30 minute slots for your consultation and if your case is complicated, you can request a longer session, but you will be charged for this. Follow-up treatments are 30 minutes.

We offer a quality service and our approach to you and you health problem means that we often do not need to see you more than once a week. In some cases, especially "acute" conditions, we may request you come back in 72 hours. For long term and maintenance treatments, we may see patients anywhere from once a month to once a year, but this is dependent on the individual.


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